Friday, 30 March 2012

'Dreams don't work unless you do!'

I've had this dream for a long time, to set up my own business, but when was I going to start? What was I waiting for? The answer I gave myself was 'I'm waiting for the right time', but when is the right time? It's never the right time, however, something did kick-start my dream and that was being in a job that gives me little fulfillment and means nothing to me. I want to do something about that...
Someone once said to me it's rare for anyone to be in a job they love but I've always thought if you want something so badly you'll get out there and get it. I've been told several times I'll get nowhere without a degree. I went to university, did two years and got a diploma in Textile Design, not wanting to stay on another year for the degree, although a lot of people didn't agree with my choices I look back and know I did the right thing for me.
I've had a few jobs since leaving university, none of which I particularly enjoyed but it gave me a lot of time to make crafts and dream up big ideas. I had the time to plan a wedding and marry the man of my dreams and then we went on a travelling honeymoon for three months and discovered parts of the world together!
My husbs and I love dreaming big, we regularly just lie there and tell each other what we want to do with our lives, however crazy, then we try to make it happen for each other and that's how this business idea came about. He just turned around and said "well, why dont you start?". I didn't have an answer, I just did it, with a little help from a few good friends too.

I set up my facebook page, this blog, designed some business cards (which will arrive in a few weeks, eeee!) and I'm on my way to setting up an online store.
After a few page 'likes' within two weeks I had my first order! I can't wait to share it with you.
It's a dream of mine to create something someone can keep forever, display in their home or give a personal handmade gift to a friend. I get so much joy from seeing people's faces when they open something I've made. I haven't always believed I was much good at what I love to do until now. I've had so much encouragement and support from friends and family and when someone wants to actually BUY something from me the feeling is incredible.

I'm lucky that the job I'm currently in is only four days a week and I get home early enough to have the evening ahead of me, I don't have to bring any work home and I get my weekends! I've not got much money and I don't have a huge business plan, I'm just going with it! This could be a complete failure or one day I might be able to hand my notice in at work and do this full time! Who knows!? All I know, is that I love doing this and I'm going to try my darned hardest to make it happen!

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