Saturday, 30 June 2012

A cup full of love

Loving the weather, the food, the friends! Life is beautiful.
Here's what I've made recently. Available to purchase from my shop. Check it out.

I won't be posting for a few days now - I have one delicious week left of my sunshiny holiday so I'll see you all when I get back and share some photos & stories with you.
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Celebrating one year...

Happy day friends!

Today we are celebrating our FIRST anniversary. Where better to be than a special place that means so much to us both?!
Basking in sunshine, strolling the beach, waves on our feet, lounging by the pool with plenty of food and drink. This is the life.
This time last year I was getting ready awaiting the beginning of a new life. This year has gone so fast - they say the first year is the most difficult but I've found it to be the most exciting, most fun, most adventurous and most precious. Going home together from a long day at work and staying the night in the same house still feels like a novelty. Sometimes I even expect Sam to take me back to mom & dads after a day out and then I remember we don't have to do that anymore.

I love him so much. I love our little life. I love that he loves me in everything I do and want to do. I'm so lucky that I get to spend forever and ever with him. Thank you for the best year of my life!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

The day before the best day of my life (a year later)


Today is the eve of our first anniversary. Here's 15 things I love about you Sam:

1. Your occasional high pitched laugh
2. The fact that you have to pace around when you talk on the telephone or brush your teeth
3. You do ALL the ironing
4. You LOVE cooking; so it's ok when I don't feel like it
5. You say 'namas' instead of 'pajamas'
6. You always bring me a drink before I wake up
7. You smell nice
8. You love wearing a shirt & tie, even on a casual day
9. You sacrifice a lot for me & want the same things as me
10. You made our three month travelling honeymoon the most fun I've ever had
11. You want to celebrate every good thing that happens, no matter how small
12. You sit next to me when I dry my hair, just to keep me company
13. You make us packed lunches for work
14. You always strive to do the right thing
15. You love me back, ever so well.

Here's to me & you. x

Friday, 22 June 2012

Adios, mi amigos

Hi friends,
I'm sitting here with half my packing still to be done! Whenever I go on holiday I have to do last minute packing - that's how I ensure I don't forget anything. The list is in my head not on paper. I make pretty piles of clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics & toiletries on my bed and I just stare at them until I'm totally satisfied - works every time!
We are leaving for Nerja, Spain in the early hours of the morning, when it's still dark, chilly and the night is silent and still. We always did that when we were going on family holidays; leave at the dead of night so it was more exciting and different. We'd arrive at our destination far earlier than we needed to and would just hang around until somewhere opened for breakfast. This time we are getting up early to get to the airport!

I am SUPER excited.

Remember I said I'd hope to have good news for you this week? Well...I got a new job! My DREAM job next to owning my own business. I'm going to be a professional cake decorator. I can finally leave my old job behind, the job I struggled through just to pay the bills and now I get to do something I love AND live well. I feel tremendously grateful that I had the chance to go for it and it happened for me. Happy happy bunny and such a great way to start our holiday.

Here's some photos from our previous trip ( & drink feature a few times)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

It's the final countdown

I KNOW you all have that song stuck in your head now...or at least if you didn't you do now. :o)
Yes, it's three sleeps until we fly off to Nerja, Spain. It's a special place for us because Sam proposed to me 2 years ago this week. On the 17th June which was the day he proposed he set my alarm while I was asleep so that I would wake up while he was in the shower - at first I was like "what the...who set my alarm!!" then I looked at my bedside table where a glass of juice and a note sat awaiting my attention. He wrote about how two years ago to that day he made the best decision of his life by asking me to marry him. *sigh* The shock of my alarm didn't matter anymore...he remembered the date and wrote about it! I am one lucky girl.

Today was my last day at work for two and a half weeks. Heaven. I have two days to get the house in order and a whole lot of errands to run before the 3am wake up early saturday morning.

Here's what a made this week and SOLD (so proud).

Happy days! Hope you're all enjoying your week!


Monday, 18 June 2012

Life lately...

I have to be honest...I forgot my password to blogger. Uh oh.
It's been so long since I updated but so much is going on. It feels like my world is changing and a lot of exciting things are coming my way. I can't say what but I just have that feeling.

I'm really enjoying the Euro football *gasp*. I don't like football and the husbs isn't much of a fan either but we're both loving following Euro2012. We had a whole load of people over on Friday night to watched England win 3-2 against Sweeden and enjoy a whole lot of Sam's home brew. It was a J-O-Y. I just going to admit it.....I nearly cried when England scored that winning goal.

We are off to Spain early Saturday morning. Goodness knows I need a holiday. Two glorious weeks of 36 degree sunshine! That's 90 something in fahrenheit. Our own swimming pool, walking distance from the restaurants and the beach and two of our favourite friends to share it with.
AND my giveaway dahlia dress arrived on Saturday morning. It is a DREAM. This is Coury from fancytreehouse wearing it - I haven't managed to take a pic of myself in it yet but they'll be plenty to show you on my return from Spain - I plan to wear it A LOT. It feels so floaty and it's ever so comfortable! I can't wait to wear it over and over on holiday. I literally tried it on and skipped around my house (for a long time). Anyway, I would go visit Coury, her blog is beautiful and she's expecting a beautiful baby girl in November. It will make you smile.

Anyway, here are a few things from this past week, I haven't been too good at taking pictures recently. I'll be back soon with something I've been commissioned to make and hopefully some more exciting news...

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I vow to thee my country

This uber long weekend has been a very happy one. It has been so wonderful to spend such quality time with quality friends.
Our street party got totally rained on but the local church in our little village let us use their community hall for nothing so we decorated it and did all our celebrations and games inside. It was such a success and such a great sense of community, meeting new neighbours and recent acquaintances. (you bet I typed that into google to check the spelling!) Let's hope this is the beginning of bringing back that sense of everyone being together and looking out for each other. I want that.

I did facepainting - and I need to add the guy in the photo below is actually THRILLED to be having his face painted, he was just concentrating so hard on keeping still while I did it!

I feel SO proud to be British this weekend. I LOVE the Queen, she really is an unbelievable lady. I've watched a lot of documentaries about her running up to the diamond jubilee, I never really understood how valuable the Royal Family are to Britain & the Commonwealth before now, they have really bought the country together, even more so in the last few years. Thanking God for my wonderful country today. 

On another note, I have wonderful friends who fill my home with beautiful flowers!

PS. I'll have more work to show you soon. I've been commissioned for a few pieces. I know it's been a while.

Life is currently...WONDERFUL!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bonfires, barbeques and beautiful friendships

Loving this long Jubilee weekend. It's so nice to have the space to relax and do whatever I want and spend some quality time with Sam. Thursday and Friday night were just jam packed full with friends and staying up till past midnight which is HUGE for me since I'm usually in bed before ten. It's been so much fun and I had my hair cut finally. I think it must be about 7 months since my last cut - too expensive these days. Everytime I go to the hairdresser they always want to do more than just a cut and blow dry. I always come out with either curled hair or spend an extra half an hour in the salon with rollers in and a bouffant when I exit the shop. They just love to play with it! It is nice to get pampered though and to know I have a good head of hair.

We went camping last weekend and had the best time. There were about 40 of us. Here are a few little instagrams from our little weekend.

The sun shone all weekend, it was the most magical feeling being together with so many wonderful people. I don't think I have belly-laughed like that in a long time! I miss it.