Thursday, 19 April 2012

'The principle part of faith is patience'

Oh boy!
It's been a while since I wrote anything. I've been pretty ill the last week. Dr said I had a swollen gland in my neck but not so sure it was, and I didnt get any antibiotics - what's with that? Anyway, it was pretty hard to speak with shooting pains in my neck but now it seems to have calmed down. I had a couple of days off work because the majority of my job involves speaking (and repeating yourself over and over..) so I wasn't going to risk the pain.
Dosed up on some strong painkillers I thought a lot about my business venture...but that's all I did...I just thought about it. BOO!
Most of my thinking was so self involved, wanting everything all at once, wanting the orders to come flooding in, wanting more people to 'follow me', having a lot of ideas and for some awful reason suddenly wanting someone else to do it for me. Just acting a bit spoilt!
I found myself researching other blogs wondering how they got so popular and good!? Envy? Yes, a lot I think.
The shame of it all is that I had a few days off work, I couldn't talk because of the pain but I could still move, yet I played on my ailments, made the sofa into a bed, stayed in my pjs and caught up on tivo, when I could have been drawing up ideas or creating something.
To be fair to myself, the pain was pretty bad and I napped most of the time but I had some precious space to be creative.

Then I came across this:

Oh Katie. Yes I should. So that's what I'm going to think about the next few months and I should have some new things to share with you soon. I'll be working on my patience too. Things don't come all at once and you have to work so that your dreams do!

Here's a few things from my week. My husbs is brewing his own beer, thankfully at the in-laws house!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Believe it! Embrace it!

What a lovely long weekend! Lucky me got a five day weekend because I don't work Thursdays! Shame about the wind and rain though! The gardener came and mowed the lawn on Friday so I had plans to sit out in the sun dreaming up ideas! Hey ho! ...and when I say gardener, we live in a converted farm house with communal gardens and a nice man comes to make it pretty every so often. :o)

A lovely surprise arrived at my door on Easter Saturday morning:

Feels very strange to have business cards. I very sheepishly gave a few out to some friends the day after I got them, as if I was just giving someone a birthday card like 'here you go! have a nice day!' but I need to remember to embrace everything I'm doing and give them out with ownership! Not 'in your face' but remembering that this is my dream.

Anyway, hope you've all had a wonderful, peaceful, fun-filled Easter! Have a lovely week!

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Be inspired...

Hey friends,
I've loved working at home today, wrapped up in layers, heating on, constant flow of tea, banging out some tunes on spotify, thinking about being my own boss, dreaming up new travelling adventures and recieving a lunchtime call from the husbs.

The best bit of the day however was finishing up my second order! This one was pretty exciting because it was my client that came up with the idea. She wanted to give a gift to her auntie that was very personal so she got her to write a list of all the people, places and things that were special to her to write around the heart I was making.
I love that I can incorporate a client's ideas into my designs - that's what makes gifts so unique and special. It's like you get to share a little piece of somebody else's life, wondering what these people and places mean to someone you've never met. Like a secret only a few people know but you're making a piece of art inspired by their memories.

I love being inspired by people, I've now got a load of ideas in my head waiting to be made into something. Thank goodness for the long easter weekend!

Who will inspire you this week?