Thursday, 9 August 2012

A heart made from butterflies

It was such a warm day today. I hear it's going to be nice all weekend which will be lovely since it's my long weekend off work. Good timing.
I have occassionally been able to taste test at work this week (best job!) since I'm the new kid and haven't tried all our products yet I get to trial a few things. I've had the cupcakes - unfortunately ate them before thinking about taking a photo...oh well, next time...however, this week I got to try our 'cake sundaes'. They are like pushpops but cake! This is the lemon one - my favourite.

On another note, here is something a made two very special friends. It was their tenth anniversary last week. The words around it are things like their children's names, the place where he proposed, the place they honeymooned, etc etc. 
A heart made from butterfly cutouts:

Sweet dreams friends, I'm off for an early night...again! Looking forward to a date night with the hubby tomorrow. Much needed. :o) x

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