Thursday, 28 August 2014

Monthathan Waterfall, Chiang Mai

August seems to be dedicated to Thailand, so I'm just going to go with that! 

This was a really special day. Swimming in a waterfall is one of those things I've been dying to tick off my list of things to do in life for a while. Thailand was the perfect place. It wasn't the sort of waterfall you could plunge yourself in but I just wanted to stand underneath the water crashing down off the rocks. It was a dream.
Do you remember that scene in Disney's Peter Pan when Peter goes to where the mermaids are? One of them is sitting on a rock underneath a waterfall & since I saw that I was determined to make it happen! Haha.
We went here after we went to Wat Phra Doi Suthep. A taxi dropped us off at the bottom of this footpath. It took us half an hour to trek to the waterfall. We have never been so sweaty & so hot in all our life. The humidity was insane & we said a few times "why are we doing this!?" but the question was soon answered once we got into our swimming gear and enjoyed the water right away! Absolute heaven!

Trekking boys!

Wooohoooo! There I am! ^^

We could have stayed here all day. I have never felt more refreshed in my life after frolicking in the water here. There is nothing else like feeling that water crashing down on you in the wide open jungle! We absolutely loved it. There are so many waterfalls in Thailand - you can't swim in all of them so just check before you trek to one but this needs to be something you do without a doubt! There were many other waterfalls we could have gone to but this was the nearest & best one we could get to in the short amount of time we had in Chiang Mai with all the other activities we wanted to fit in. I'll be sure to do a whole lot more waterfall swimming in my lifetime though.

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