Saturday, 6 September 2014

Koh Lanta & Monkey Island

A hotel room with pool access? Yes please! Walk straight out of the french doors and into a gigantic infinity pool? Why not!? Gosh, I loved Thailand! Ok, the flights might be expensive when you initially look at them but as soon as you're over there you're laughing! The places we stayed, 5* some of them would be the equivalent of paying for a cheap hotel in England and you could eat like a king for less than £10 each a day. We probably ended up paying the same amount for a 2 week holiday to Europe except we were 3 weeks in Thailand. My point is, if you love travelling you can make it happen. 

We stayed at the Crown Lanta Resort & Spa. We also found a room deal online so it's worth having a look about! Thanking Trip Advisor for so many good places!

We decided the final part of our Thailand trip would be finding an island to relax on. We had done some crazy activities in the other places & wanted this time to soak it all in and enjoy a good book! Koh Lanta was the perfect place. Being low season there were a few shops in the local town that were closed for a few months but I don't think we really missed anything. We found a few really good restaurants to try out but this wouldn't be a place to shop or find many activities to do. 

We did however book a long-tail boat ride around the surrounding islands where we stopped off to explore a cave!

We were picked up at our hotel & driven to get food & drink supplies for the day. We opted to travel in the back of the car out in the open which was ridiculously cool.

After the cave we were taken to Boo Boo Island. I was a little bit disappointed after visiting a few beaches in Thailand that they weren't what you normally see in the holiday brochures of crystal clear waters and white sand so as we pulled up to this island I was more than excited that find that places like that actually do exist! I have never experienced anything like it. Laurie (my friend) and I immediately stripped off to our bathing suits and jumped right in even before the boat fully came to shore! We swam and frolicked for about 10 minutes until we realised our Thai guides were trying to tell us something. Oooppps. We could have stayed in the water at our own risk but we thought better to stay in the shallows as apparently there are A LOT of sea urchins in these waters! We didn't want to risk any medical dramas so got out - but I have to say that little bit of time in the ocean was glorious!

There were lots of little fish swimming in the water which was fun to watch. The only thing not fun about being on a tropical island were the bugs. I've got to kill a few dreams here because places like this are kinda terrifying in reality! There was a bit of 'jungle' that had caterpillars hanging down everywhere which I didn't realise until I walked through a load (uuuuugh!) and sitting down at a table for lunch with all sorts of bugs, spiders & ants crawling around you was not my idea of a good time. When we found out we were chilling on the island for a couple of hours I opted to go for a walk down the beach & find a few rocks to climb. Laurie & I ended up sitting on them for a long while letting the sea rise up over our legs while we reflected on our time in Thailand.
Sam, the poor boy, does not enjoy beaches so he sat relaxing with the bugs (that don't bother him) until it was time to sail away.

Once off the island we were taken to 'Monkey Island'. It has a proper name (which I can't remember) but that's what the locals call it! As our boat came up to the island we saw lots of monkeys come out to see what the noise was then suddenly they swarmed the boat like something from planet of the apes! It was both terrifying and exciting! They grabbed a bunch of fruit that we'd bought for them, some ran off to enjoy it and others stayed on the boat to join us for a while!


On this particular day our friends ended the evening by GETTING ENGAGED!! So exciting!

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