Monday, 9 April 2012

Believe it! Embrace it!

What a lovely long weekend! Lucky me got a five day weekend because I don't work Thursdays! Shame about the wind and rain though! The gardener came and mowed the lawn on Friday so I had plans to sit out in the sun dreaming up ideas! Hey ho! ...and when I say gardener, we live in a converted farm house with communal gardens and a nice man comes to make it pretty every so often. :o)

A lovely surprise arrived at my door on Easter Saturday morning:

Feels very strange to have business cards. I very sheepishly gave a few out to some friends the day after I got them, as if I was just giving someone a birthday card like 'here you go! have a nice day!' but I need to remember to embrace everything I'm doing and give them out with ownership! Not 'in your face' but remembering that this is my dream.

Anyway, hope you've all had a wonderful, peaceful, fun-filled Easter! Have a lovely week!

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