Friday, 25 May 2012

Hello sunshine!

What a glorious day friends!
Amazing how the weather can improve even the worst of sickness! I'm feeling a lot better. I had my second trip of the week to see my doctor and had some blood tests done today which made me feel a whole lot better knowing I'll hopefully get some sort of reason behind all my sickness & tiredness. Even if it comes back that I'm healthy, that's all I really need. Just something.

Anyway, the Queen's Jubilee is coming up. I'm actually quite excited about it because we're having a street party. Really looking forward to getting to know some neighbours. We've been at our house for six months and still don't know anyone except for the odd 'hello' in the street. It's a bit of a cheat really because it's not our road doing it, it's the road around the corner and since we know the couple that are organising it we're going. So I guess it's not so much neighbours we'll be meeting but people in our area. It's a start.

Here's something I've made recently. The Queen's Jubilee means a lot of of English Afternoon Tea so there's nothing more appropriate than to make something to hold finger sandwiches and little cakes! (can be found in my shop).

All I'm going to do this weekend is lie in the sunshine and eat naughty treats! What else is the beginning of summer for?! Enjoy your weekend!


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