Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Home Sweeeet Home

Happy September friends!
Can you believe it!? I've missed blogging, I've been so busy with getting ready for the craft fair and then just being uber tired that I haven't even switched on my computer until now.There is so much to blog about I really need to start writing things down. 
The fun part of being away from it all is everything that I've been able to catch up on. I love having big catch up sessions, especially with some of my favourite blogs, it's fun to see what everyone has been doing the last few weeks but it's been such a manic few weeks that I've really appreciated being at home. Sometimes it's nice to just stop, lie on the sofa, drink tea, breathe and just be.at.home.

I feel totally drained, so much so that I fully took advantage of Sam having two weeks off work where he cooked A LOT of evening meals, did a lot of cleaning up around the home, made me lots of breakfasts (which he does anyway, mainly to make sure I actually have breakfast) and a whole load of other things. Seriously, he is my hero - well, so is my pops but I have to say that because I know he will read this :o)
Anywhoooo...I will fully make it up to him. He's back to work now so it's both of us doing the chores BUT it IS my birthday reeeeeallly soon so I might need to skip one more weekend....I'm sure he won't mind....too much.

Talking of Sam being my hero - we had a great time at the vintage, craft fair and farmers market. Although the day was unusually quiet we did really well and Sam sat with me behind my stall for the whole day, only leaving to get us supplies. I was so nervous at the start - it was my first craft fair - but really relaxed once we got talking to a few other crafters who were encouraging me along the way.
Here are a few piccies of the day - anything I didn't sell will be updated in my shop within the next few weeks!

I also got new contact lenses this week - I can see clearly now. Woohooo. I get to pick out some new frames too next week.

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  1. You are amazing. I can't wait to have some more of your art in my house. Or even taste some of your cakes. Love you!!