Sunday, 14 October 2012

Spread a little love and light

We had never seen Downton Abbey *shock horror!* until recently when a friend lent us series 1&2! We have been hooked every evening for the last three weeks catching up and watching episode after episode. I must tell you though that there are only 7-8 episodes per series if you think it sounds a bit extreme!
Well, we watched last year's christmas special tonight and will now be catching up on the current series on the tele at the moment. Serious commitment...or too much time on our hands. Whatever, it's AMAZING!
This is inbetween watching all the James Bond movies - Sam insists that we have to watch all 22 movies before Skyfall comes out at the end of October. We're currently on No.16.  *sigh*

Anyway, you all know we go to church; we also lead a smallgroup on a Thursday in our home. This week was particularly incredible. Our friend was in charge of organising it, we were given a time to meet and a restaurant to meet in. After getting a drink we were given our 'mission' to complete. Each of us were to write notes to a complete stranger and slip a bit of cash inside (whatever we felt was right to give). After sealing our envelopes we wrote on the front 'please open me'..., here's the fun part! We were to go into a supermarket and drop the 'gifts' into someone's shopping basket or trolley without being seen (scary, huh?!). There were around 20 of us all armed with envelopes. We split up and each found someone to BLESS. The atmosphere was totally insane. Within minutes we could hear whispers of 'have you seen all these envelopes?', 'where are they coming from?', 'what should we do?'. Supermarket workers were gathered in groups discussing how weird it was, security guards were looking for suspects, customers were confused and there I was 'browsing' the magazine rack watching all this unfold! Adrenaline running wild!
Who knows what effect we had on people that night!? We certainly caused a stir, I know that much, and in faith I believe the gifts went to the right people.

How will you change someone's life today? I dare you to do something a little out of your comfort zone today and see what happens!

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