Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A long weekend in Brighton

A few weeks ago we spent a long weekend with some special friends at their new home just outside of Brighton. It was so good to see them again and it was like they had never left Birmingham.
The nice thing about taking this trip is that Sam has become more open to taking long spontaneous weekend trips a bit further afield. That's the great thing about living where we live - there are so many places to visit only a few hours away at the most.

They live in a really sweet, leafy village but can still travel into Brighton which has a beautiful beach and lots of alternative, vintage shops and cafes.
We enjoyed a long spontaneous hill walk on saturday afternoon in new shoes (not the best idea, but if its spontaneous that's what happens!) then jam doughnut & marmalade & amaretto ice cream on the beach on a lovely sunny sunday afternoon. It was so nice to get away and explore a new place. We'll definitely be going back!
I wish I'd taken more photos but sometimes you just have to enjoy and take in the moments instead of being behind a camera. Next time...eh!?


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