Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Currently in July

Recovering from our holiday to Thailand! I will be uploading our photos over the next few days/weeks with places we went and things we did. We had the most incredible time although I managed to get food poisoning on the way home so we had a horrendous journey back, that mixed with jet lag meant I slept for about a week. My immune system is fully down & I'm holed up in bed with an ear ache & cold. Having said that I'm....
Enjoying the sunshine in England! Since we've been home the sun has pretty much stayed out for us so the English summer has done us proud again. There's been plenty of BBQs, picnics, water fights and long evenings hanging outside with friends. 
Excited to meet our friends baby boy born last night! 
Learning to use my time for effectively and be more productive.
Watching all the old planet of the apes movies. Since the new one has come out I feel like I need to be a little more educated on the background. It's been funny seeing the connections between the old movies and the new ones.
Planning our next adventure! Always planning the next big trip. Travelling is in our hearts, we can't hold it in. We're back & we're like 'where next!??'
Ordering some football boots for Sam. A new team is starting up in our community & Sam's going to be part of it. He's never really been into it before but it's been so fun to see him come back from practice feeling so good about himself.
Wanting to find something new to be a part of for myself. Feeling the FOMO!
Drinking a lot of tea! Nowhere does tea like England & I missed it so much, plus it was way too humid in Thailand to even think about drinking hot stuff.
Looking forward to the coming weeks. Life just gets more intriguing, exciting and so much is going on over summer I don't want to miss a thing. 
Celebrating every single day!

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