Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Currently in October

Eating so many fizzy & sour sweets. I tend to go through phases with sweets and chocolate where I enjoy something all the time until I get bored, currently it's tangfastics! They're pretty addictive. If you happen to just buy me a bag or two or three I'd totally be okay with that...
Enjoying scrapbooking. I have mentioned Project Life in previous posts and keep promising to show you. I will! I'm currently catching up with photos from last year. I was a bit late starting but beginning to get into it a lot more. I already love looking back at what we've done and displaying it creatively. 
Excited to meet our friends baby boy - they are finally coming to visit at the end of this month!
Learning to use my time for effectively and be more productive - I kept this in from my July post because I still haven't figured it out. I get so inspired really late at night and have a plan in place but as soon as I wake up tired I am lost and find all the other interesting, unproductive, procrastinating things to do. Ugh. It's hard.
Watching Grey's Anatomy! There was a time you may remember when I was racing through every season but just as I had 3 episodes left of season 8, LoveFilm changed to AmazonPrime and it went off; but by some micracle it appeared again on SkyGo and I've just finished watching season 9! Oh my heart! Looking forward to starting season 10 soon!
Planning our next getaway! We did think about an American roadtrip but thought since we'd been to Thailand already this year we ought to be sensible and not dip into savings. We had weeks of debate but finally settled on an English holiday back to beautiful Yorkshire where we went last year
Anticipating christmas already of course! I am so excited for the weather to get colder and all the festivities to begin - especially the German Market that comes to town every year. 
Getting back into exercising and working out. I had a routine before we went to Thailand where I worked out 3-4 days a week with a DVD in my lounge. Finally (only took months!) I'm back into it and already feeling the difference. 
Looking forward to lots of roadtrips around the country to see friends and family over the next few months. Love a long car journey with my hubby!
Celebrating the Autumn season!

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