Thursday, 2 October 2014

Twenty five

It had to be a photo from our elephant trek to mark my twenty fifth birthday! I haven't actually taken a recent photo yet. I feel a bit torn between capturing all the best moments in life and just dropping my camera and being fully immersed in the fun but while I have the best time and the biggest laughs I seem to wish I'd taken a few photos too. You know how it goes! For my birthday which was way back on September 10th I hosted a Thai night! My best friends came over for thai inspired cocktails and a big thai feast which Sam and I cooked from scratch using what we'd learnt from our thai cookery lesson! It was one of the most fun nights I've had and I didn't take a single photo but it's ok - the memory will live on!

Twenty five is feeling good. Every year of my life gets better & better. Yes, I still have tough times and sad days but when I think of the things I've been able to do and the life I've already had at such a young age I feel so excited that there is so much more to come! Life with Sam is more than I ever dreamed it would be. 

I've thought about life a lot recently and had hundreds of conversations with Sam about what we want to do in the next few years. Travel is always on our hearts and minds and then there is that question on everyone's lips of "when are you having babies?". We've done a lot of thinking and over thinking and I guess we just concluded to stop making plans and just see what life throws at us. I've always needed to know what's going to happen next, the order things need to happen in, the need for it to be 'the right time' and as I get older, you'd think I'd be like 'we're running out of time!' and I still get an element of that but every single time we've tried to plan something it's always been altered and it's always been better! That's God working and I love it! I read 'when you make plans, God laughs'. I love imagining that. Of course He does! When I look back at everything we've ever done and the time frame things have happened it's all been perfectly right - so I'm pretty happy to let that carry on and not worry about timings. I'm a firm believer that God does not want us to miss His best for us so I'm pretty excited to see what this new year holds!

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