Friday, 2 November 2012

'Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle'

Here goes...
I wondered whether to talk about this on the blog as I don't want anything on here to become any kind of rant or be negative, I mean, who wants to hear that? but this blog for me is like an online journal. I hope to look back in years to come at the things I've done, achieved, fought through, cried and laughed over. Since I've occasionally blogged about my job over the last few months I see it only fit to share some of what's happened this last month.

You might know that I found my 'dream job' recently. I did say that and honestly I feel like a fool for feeling that. It might have been but it wasn't. I worked with someone who constantly criticised, made fun of my faith, stripped me of my self belief and quite frankly made it really difficult to wake up in the morning and go to work.
I felt it was an unsafe, unhealthy environment to work in and as I struggled and prayed about whether to stay and fight it or just leave, the decision was taken out of my hands and I was dismissed from work for unknown reasons. After the initial shock a rush of relief quickly flooded over me and I could not be happier to be set free from that place of work.

In my determination to find another job quickly so that it wasn't just my husband supporting us I applied for another job that had suddenly come up that a friend told me about; another bakery job in the village I wanted to work in and a job I had applied for two years previously but they weren't recruiting. To cut a long story short, within a week of being dismissed I landed a new position! I work front of house and am also on cupcake decorating duty at this place!

It truly has been a dream! I am totally doing what I love everyday and my management team are incredible. They are so supportive, encouraging and open to my ideas, designs and creativeness. I feel respected and valued and I feel that there is so much room to grow as a person and in my career. I couldn't be happier right now and with Sam absolutely loving his job too we are one pretty joyful household!
I know God has had his hand on us. Through all the heartache and questions I have always known He would provide for us and provide for us He did.

To top off my excitement for this new season the German Market arrives in 2 weeks, the red cups are available in Starbucks, we finished our marathon of James Bond and watched Skyfall (uh-mazing, by the way!) and we booked in a date night for next week! Yes, we have to book in date nights, busy busy schedules!

Right, I'm off to sleep with a smile on my face! Xo


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