Friday, 30 November 2012

It was the last day of November

Hi all!
Here we are...December tomorrow. Where has this year gone?!
Since my last post, I finally finished the order for ten cakestands for the shop, we've been for a date at the German Market, I had a few red cups from Starbucks and I've put my christmas tree up! Yup! I've never done that before December but this year I have felt so christmassy a lot earlier and just couldn't resist! Looking forward to making for decorations to put up!

Last year we moved into our home the second week of December so we got a little behind with starting advent. We wanted to make it a tradition to create each other an advent calender rather than buy one so this year that's exactly what we are doing! I have no idea what Sam has planned but I know what I am doing for him. I'm going to try and document it on the blog, firstly because I like to document, secondly because it will make me do the things I plan to do and thirdly to share it with you because if you have a spouse or partner it will be nice to do something different for advent either this year or next for each other! I can't say much at the moment because the Mr will read this, all will be revealed tomorrow! Apologies in advance for the blog post spam!

P.s. we're going to see Mumford & Sons next week! I can't wait!

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