Saturday, 1 December 2012

Day 1: Date-vent Calender!

Okay so day one begins. The planning has been so exciting...and guess what?!...we thought of exactly the same thing! That has never happened with us. I feel so blessed that Sam got super creative with his ideas - so much so that they pretty much matched mine. We decided since they were so similar and the ideas need to fit around our already busy calender that we would take 12 days each instead.
The idea? A Date-vent Calender! We would come up with a 'date' everyday for each other or do something that will bless the other one. The one thing we don't know is what ideas we both have for each day. I bet some are the same! We are trying desperately not to talk about it so we don't spoil it for whoever's surprise it's going to be!

Sam said he would go first but I didn't get to open the envelope till later. (p.s. he printed templates of envelopes off the internet and cut and stuck them together! I am like OMG *squeal!* Really not his thing to do but he did it!)

So I started off at work today and it turned out to be a really quiet day at the shop so I was sent home at lunchtime. Sam picked me up and whisked me off for an unexpected pub lunch! What was in the envelope? "I want to take you out for a pub lunch today." He admitted it wasn't the original plan but it was one of them for his 12 days so he did a little swapping around.

We had a wonderful little lunchtime date at one of our favourite pubs and waddled back too full with food and did a little christmas internet shopping.
Now sitting in a warm house with twinkling christmas tree lights planning how to deck the rest of our place out!
Tomorrow it's my turn to do something for him! <3 Happy December guys! I think this one is going to be full of FUN!

*Gush over*


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