Friday, 4 October 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour: Part III

Here we finish our Studio Tour through Diagon Alley. This was pretty fun but a very short walk through. It was great looking through the windows & to see how much effort and detail they had put into these shops to make them look so real! 
After Diagon Alley we walked into this huge room that had a 'miniture' Hogwarts. It was actually huge but they used it to film scenes where they needed to pan around the whole building and catch the details to make it look so intense and giant! You were able to walk around the whole thing - it really was stunning. After a quick look into Ollivander's Wand shop we found ourselves exiting through the gift shop.

It was a great day out enjoyed by everyone. My littlest nephew was asking for an apple the whole entire day (you couldn't eat in there except for one section where you could have lunch but he didn't want it then!) so that last picture is him finally enjoying his apple. P.s. I adore holding little hands!

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