Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour: Part II

Here we are for part two!

Once you get through the Great Hall you walk around to see a lot of the other sets, costumes, props & special effects. There is so much information to read about how things were done & a few interactive sections you could join in with. 

They had a green screen where you could appear to be in the flying car or on a broomstick playing Quidditch. We all got into the car but then just our nephews went on the broom sticks. At that point we felt like the only adults joining in! Hahh....
Our nephews got a wand lesson (they took it so seriously!) and then we went outside to enjoy a Butterbeer outside Privet Drive...

^^ Gringotts Bank Vault ^^

^^ Voldemort, Belatrix & Malfoy family costumes ^^

^^ Ministry of Magic Statue ^^

^^ wand lessons ^^

^^ Outside Privet Drive & Butterbeer (below) ^^

^^ Hogwart's bridge, the Knight Bus ^^

We'll continue on into Diagon Alley next time in part three...

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