Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Edible gifts for Christmas: Seasoned salt

Easiest & quickest edible gift you can make in 5 minutes to gift anyone for Christmas. A friend made us some last year so we decided to make our own this year & will probably make some in our food gift packages this year. 

Sterilise your jar first. For very quick sterilisation we used Sam's bottle steriliser he uses for brewing which works fine.

Crush up coarse rock salt and peppercorns in a pestle & mortar. Add dried chilli flakes & cumin seeds & crush them up together. Funnel mixture into your jar and voila! DONE. Easy! 
You can make this seasoned Christmas salt by added either star anise or cloves.

Add a little fabric & string to dress up your gift if you like!

We use this for everything. To season vegetables, add to soups & other dinners, on salads and it adds soooo much flavour.

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