Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Ingleton Falls

This was one of our all time favourite days. We found this place called Ingleton Falls on the sunniest day of the week, it was a 2 1/2-4hr walk depending on your pace. We took 3 1/2 stopping to take photos & have a picnic lunch. 
Since it was a weekday and not holiday season we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Heavenly. The walk was long & it was pretty hard in some places but we passed several waterfalls; not only were there woods to walk through but we had to pass through farmland, across bridges & over fields. We got everything.

^^ We came across this man made money tree. Its filled with coins that have been hammered in and bent over to create a piece of art. We read a plaque that said some people add coins because they believe it brings them luck. ^^

^^ we stopped & had a minced pie snack here. Nothing like the taste of Christmas next to such a gorgeous waterfall ^^

I think you can tell it was our favourite day because we took rather a lot of photos. After this walk we took off home & got dressed up for a date. We headed to the Craven Arms in a place called Giggleswick (yea, we liked that one) where we sat, had a couple of drinks while playing Catan Rivals. That's the two player game - definitely recommend if you're hardcore fans of Catan the boardgame like we are. After the game we sat and had one of the best three course meals we've EVER tasted, seriously!
It was a really really really good day!

Photos taken with SLR Camera & iPhone5

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