Sunday, 29 December 2013

Currently in December

Dreaming about 'The Hobbit' a lot. Saw the new film before Christmas on the night for release & seeing it again as tradition on New Year's Day with the rest of my family. I brought the extended version on blu-ray for Sam for Christmas so we watched that & all the extras! Ooops. Oh well, still the holidays for us.
Appreciating having lazy days with Sam while we still can. Sam still has a while before he's back at work & I'll be VERY busy in the new year. I expect early mornings & late nights so making the most of relaxing.
Eating far too much! We have plenty of leftovers still & our Christmas treat cupboard seems never ending. Not complaining!
Watching all the new films we got for Christmas & I'm on season 5 of Grey's Anatomy now!
Loving spending so much time with friends & family.
Planning new year's eve party at our place & Sam's birthday do in the first week of January.
Working on my patience.
Enjoying the last week of our Christmas decorations. We take them down usually on 6th January. Sam's birthday is on the 5th & he likes his birthday pressies under the tree still. Hehe.
Drinking a few cocktails! Sam has really gotten into mixing drinks & I bought him a cocktail set for Christmas.
Looking forward to starting 'Project Life'. More on that soon!
Searching for a good printer so start printing off my own photos without having to order them online. Any recommendations appreciated!?
Researching a lot of new projects & ideas for the new year. I'm overflowing!

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