Friday, 15 March 2013

DIY: Bottle top magnets

This is such a simple DIY to do. Sam loves trying different beers/ciders and we decided a while ago to start collecting the tops of the ones we've tried and turn them into magnets. We wanted to get a magnet from every place we've visited so why not add to the collection of the drinks we've tried too!
They make for lots of special memories of places we've visited (some we're collected on honeymoon), pubs we've come across or celebrations we've had.

You'll need a collection of beer/cider bottle tops, magnets (I bought mine here - I have to point out they were cheaper when I bought them so maybe shop around) and you'll need a glue gun.

Simply glue the magnet onto the bottle top. Don't forget to glue it on backwards so the magnet faces upwards. That might sound obvious but I wasn't concentrating the first time I did it!

They looks so cute and retro. Makes for a great conversation starter, adds a little colour & interest to a room & they are fun! Can't wait to add more to the collection.

What do you collect as little memories??

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