Saturday, 30 March 2013

Egg rolling & Sledging

Last Sunday a group of us from our church community went egg rolling & sledging in the park by our house. Egg rolling you ask?! We all decorated hard boiled eggs and found the biggest hill to roll them down. There were prizes for the best decorated, worst cheater (someone bought a rubber egg!), the egg that survived the roll, etc etc. You get the picture...I think!? I guess there were quite a few people who wondered what we were doing!
We finished the egg rolling off with a whole lot of sledging! It was a good day with good people. 

Although we had a wonderful day in the snow I am thankful that it's nearly melted. I need sun already!! We've booked two weeks off work at the end of June/beginning of July but I don't know where to go yet! Leave some suggestions for me. I need sun, sand & good food.

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