Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Monday love

Happy Easter Monday! Hope you've all had a chocolate filled weekend! We didn't, we thought we'd fish out the half price eggs in the next few days! Hah! But really, for us, it's all about Jesus, how He came, died & rose again. It overwhelms me that He really existed, to realise that he once walked amongst us healing people, teaching people and making miracles! The Miracle Maker! He died for us, for our sins and when I think of that I feel so humbled and overcome with emotion. Even though He went through something more horrific than we can ever imagine He always spoke about the glory that would follow and I am living in that glory now. 

If you don't believe than that's ok but this is me & I am not ashamed. He is Risen!

I am spending Easter Monday with my big sister in Manchester (with Sam as well). We had the loveliest lunch & are now sitting in her house with the sun shining through the windows reading & relaxing. 

Sam & I have had a wonderful few days away from work which has been much needed. I wrote a post a while ago about taking some time away from a few commitments we've had for the last few years.  We found we were running out of free nights in our calendar for us to have 'down time' together. I missed Sam even though we were still together. These last few days have been amazing. With the pressure off we've been able to relax together & enjoy the space. The only thing missing has been the sunshine - I am over this cold weather!

In other news...

I GOT PROMOTED! Six months into the job! BOOOM! I am now the Baker & Production Manager! I feel like I have come so far. I've had quite a few jobs & my last two jobs were not kind to me. I now do what I love & get paid for it. :o)

Feeling so thankful, relaxed & blessed today.

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