Saturday, 28 September 2013

Snowhill Manor

In my last post I talked about Sam treating me to a National Trust day out on my birthday weekend. We went to Snowshill Manor. Before that he surprised me with breakfast at Becketts Farm. I am so slow - he told me we were leaving for 9am & I didnt even think he would take me out for breakfast. I was so rushed getting out of the house that I downed an orange juice thinking we'll just have an early lunch instead but I got lucky with my favourite breakfast! I love going there because you get such a massive choice (although I always go for the rise & shine english breakfast!) but you can also wander through the farm shop at good looking fresh produce, sweets and wine!

Snowshill Manor was just over an hours drive away but totally worth it. While we waited for our timed ticket into the house we had a wander round the gardens. It had rained in the morning so everything just glistened & looked more beautiful. I am so appreciating the rain at the moment. I used to dislike it so much because it can be so miserable & mess up your hair! but these days I just don't mind it at all. I find it so refreshing, plus the rain must have kept people indoors because we were able to wander alone, just the two of us (with the odd other person) and enjoy. 

The house was small but Charles Wade who lived there was a collector of pretty much everything from all over the world. There were rooms with tiny toys and (Sam's favourite) a room dedicated to Samurai armour. He also collected musical instruments & all sorts of clocks. He was a hoarder basically but the treasures we saw were so interesting!

^^ new birthday hat! (topshop) ^^

^^ "hours fly, flowers die, new days, new ways pass by but love stays" ^^

^^ Sam enjoying the armoury! ^^

We finished off with the obligatory stop in the tea room but we strayed from tradition of cream teas & had fig frangipane & lemon tart teamed with ginger beer & rose lemonade! Nom!

It really was a lovely day out. Sometimes when I have a hunger to travel again or live somewhere else it's days like this when I really love & appreciate England!

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