Thursday, 26 September 2013

Twenty four

Long time no post! I have been enjoying decorating & doing up our home the past few weeks. Once I start something I have to keep going until it's finished which means certain other things *cough* blog, get put aside. I'd been feeling a little overwhelmed with ideas on what to do with our home that I just needed to start & see where I went with it. Lots of painting, putting together furniture, moving rooms around and I finally feel in a place where I can just sit & enjoy it for a good while before any new big projects come to mind. That's what I've been doing with a lot of my time...


I turned 24 on the tenth of this month! That feels like a mighty big number when I think I got engaged at the baby age of 20 & married a year later. Life is so different now. So so different. Above is me in my new birthday outfit. EVERYTHING in that picture is brand new bought with all the birthday vouchers I received. Boy, it felt so good to have something new to put on, it's been a while since I bought new clothes. I felt super special that day I tell you.
We didn't celebrate on the actual day because Sam was working all day and night so we saved the weekend after to celebrate this new year of life. I made him plan everything! I wanted a break from being in control (although it was darn hard to let someone else plan something!) but Sam did an amazing job & really really treated me to the max. 
On the morning we drove to a National Trust place which I'll post about later this week but the big thing was what he had planned for the evening. We got into a taxi & went to the Korean restaurant I talked about before & when we got in I saw A LOT of dear friends faces! I seriously couldn't believe it. I started shaking & really didn't know what to say! I was so shocked to see so many of the faces that were there because they had very cleverly and casually talked about having 'other plans' that weekend so I really did not expect to see any of them. Boy did good. I felt so loved! We had amazing banter, good food & a few of us went out for cocktails afterwards.
I could not have asked for a better way to celebrate my 24th. 
Sam also got me tickets to see Johnny Flynn in a couple of weeks! Can't wait for that & my parents bought me a standing electric mixer so all in all, a very good birthday indeed!

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