Monday, 9 September 2013

When September comes

Life just got so busy. I guess Summer is officially over. The weather has changed to rain & chill but I'm really loving it. I have to say I got bored of the sunshine *shock horror* and I'm ready for wrapped up evenings all snug as a bug!

Operation decoration has commenced in our home. Walls are getting painted & we're getting bits & pieces to make it more 'us'. Hoping to work constantly until it is done so we can relax and enjoy it as soon as possible. I'm giving it a few weeks. 
I have not been blogging as much as I would like these days. I thought about taking a break while things get done but I find myself wanting to write a little even if it's nothing much (like this post maybe!). Over Summer everything just seemed to stop, nothing got in my way of writing but since September arrived and the whole world's 'GO!' button has been pushed, suddenly everything needs doing! BUT I do love that about September, there is something of a fresh start that comes with it & I get all nostalgic when I see kids picking out a new pencil case or set of brand new felt tips ready for school. It's exciting, something new and different for everyone when September comes!

I went with my mom & baby sister wedding dress shopping the other day. I cannot believe she is getting married, she may only be a year younger than me but she's just so little! Hah. April 2014 is the date & even for me it's coming around so fast. I wanted to try on wedding dresses again but I resisted & let it be her time...also, my mom wouldn't have let me! We drove all the way to Worcester & found this amazing second hand shop that sells brand new but years old dresses for a bargain. They had a whole vintage section. I SO wish I could post a load of photos of my sister in the dresses she tried on but that would just spoil things. You'll just have to wait.

I also went to Lemington Spa with Sam last week for a date day. We haven't done that properly for a loooong time & it's moments like that when I really get to stop to be with the man I married & realise how HOT he really is! *swoon* Seriously though, sometimes life just goes by and if you're married maybe you know what I mean but I see this guy everyday, I walk past him everyday, I cook dinner & eat with him every night and then I suddenly have these moments when I stop and think "WOW! He is a hottie! & I married him and I get to go to bed with him!" Too much information right!? but hey, I get to write whatever I like on here.

^^ *swoon* ^^

The above picture is of a hot drink we had at Carluccios in Lemington Spa called 'Bicerin'. It comes with three little jugs. One with a coffee shot, one with cream & one with melted chocolate and you mix them in a cup to your requirements and YUM! We had a pudding to share with this & there really was not need. It was a pudding in itself!

On the way home we got caught in a big rain storm (FYI Sam was at the wheel I was not taking this picture while driving) but we had a really lovely day & I want MORE of them for sure.

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  1. this was such a lovely post to read :) I completely agree that september always feels like a fresh start, probably more so than the new year which is strange. Bicerin is so yummy! can get quite sickly if you have too much but delicious nonetheless.
    saida xx