Monday, 30 September 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour: Part I

Warning! This is a 3-part post because I took so many photos!
So a few weeks ago my oldest nephew turned seven & his birthday treat was to go to the Harry Potter Studio's just outside of London. We managed to tag along with them because they had one free ticket; we booked an extra one so we could both go! Two for the price of one! Can't complain, plus I've been dying to go so this was a GREAT excuse to be a kid again!

We drove down together in our car getting questions from the back from a 7 & a 3yr old like "what kind of money do they use in London?" with replies like "We'll just have to ask the goblins at Gringotts bank!" Seriously, kids. I can't wait to tease my own one day. In fact, my favourite part of this whole day trip was seeing their reactions & the looks on their faces when they walked into all the different sections & saw the things they remembered on screen. It was so cute.

All that aside, we had confirmation that we had arrived when our nephew said "you have reached your destiny!" copying the satnav and swapping destination for destiny which we thought was rather appropriate for the HP Studio Tour. We started off in a room where we got told the rules (of course) then into a cinema screen we went. We watched a short clip of the actors telling us what we would see inside then the screen lifted to reveal the Great Hall doors. It was pretty special even if you don't care for Harry Potter you couldn't deny the impact that had. Anyone with a birthday was allowed to push the doors open so our nephew rushed forward and into the Great Hall we went...

^^ the cupboard under the stairs & the great hall set up for dinner ^^

^^ costumes: Prof McGonagall, Dumbledore, Snape & Hagrid ^^

^^ school uniforms ^^

^^ Hagrid, Filch & Yule Ball costumes ^^

^^ Hagrid's hut ^^

^^ The Dungeons ^^

^^ Griffindor's common room & dormitories ^^

^^ Dumbledore's office ^^

^^ The Burrow ^^

^^ Prof Umbridge's office ^^

Part two coming soon...

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