Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Currently in November

Thought I'd start a new series of 'currently in...' to share some of the things I've found that I've enjoyed or has inspired me. 
Inspiration for this blog series came from Katie Shelton of Skunkboy

Dreaming up new adventures with Sam for the new year.

Beginning to share my experiences with anxiety when I've been too afraid to in the past.
Appreciating these last few months that have been a huge process of healing and overcoming.
Eating relatively healthy foods before all the 'too-good-to-avoid' food enters my house! 
Watching season 3 of Grey's Anatomy. I recently started watching this series and although it took a while to get into I'm kinda hooked! There are 9 seasons streaming through my lovefilm & the show is still going on tv. Good job I can watch them in the background while I work...
Loving layering up in this cold & frosty weather.
Planning what edible gifts we're going to make this year for friends & family.
Working on possibly redesigning my blog a little.
Enjoying my home. At this period in our life this home we live in feels so God given to us that I can't help looking around each day and thanking God for where we are at the moment.
Ordering a whole lot of Christmas presents. I prefer online shopping over Christmas, the crowds are too much!
Wanting to start a lot of new craft projects.
Drinking a lot of hot chocolate. 
Looking forward to a date tonight with the hubby.
Celebrating life! Life is pretty sweet at the moment.
Wishing you all a jolly good Wednesday!

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