Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Homemade patchwork quilt

So I did a list a few months back of 4 big project goals and I already achieved some of them. I did not one but two statement walls in my home & then I painted over them again because although I really liked them I decided I like neutral best, plus I wanted to put more photos & artwork up so those walls needed to be sacrificed. They were both a great project while they lasted, no regrets! I got to be creative & then I got to be creative again in a different way!
Anyway, another big project goal was to make a quilt. I've been wanting to make one for a while so what do I do for my first quilt making attempt?? I go & make a freakin' king sized one for our bed! 

I used Rachel's tutorial which you can find here (for the quilt) then here & here (for the binding). Bare in mind that I'm a little impatient & maybe didn't match all my perfectly cut out squares corner to corner. That's okay though because I love how desperately handmade it looks! Hah. Rachel is an expert so I would follow her instructions! At least read them before instead of after like I did. BUT her tutorial for the binding is genius. Most clear & precise instructions ever. 

I used all the material from the table runners leftover from our wedding day (awwwww) plus a few other fat quarters I picked up from craft shows. 

I'm really rather pleased with how it turned out. 
Because it was so huge & wouldn't run through my sewing machine as smoothly there was a lot of unpicking, redoing, unpicking, redoing and a whole lot of loose or clumped up threads but I have to say I'm very proud of it & very proud of myself!

We use it on our bed but it also visits the living room so we can snuggle in it too! 

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