Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Life lately...

Lots of changes and new ideas popping up in life lately. I've been really busy the last two weeks working at my parents house de-cluttering, cleaning and redecorating in time for Christmas. I think we'll only get the downstairs done with new stairs and landing but we'll see. It's a job that's needed doing for years and I've had fun playing interior designer the last few weeks - using my university degree somewhat! Hence the no blogging too. I definitely miss it when I don't get round to it but I'm really excited for the coming year. I have so many ideas for this blog including a little makeover and some fresh ideas on what to blog about, DIYs, outdoor adventures etc! Sometimes I have so many ideas I can't even get started. *sigh*

^^ Succulents. About the only plants I can keep alive! ^^

^^ I made a king sized quilt with this fabric. Loved quilting but doubt I'll be trying a king sized one again any time soon. Too big but enjoy it being on our bed & using it to snuggle on the sofa! ^^

^^ My handsome man! Look at those eyes..^^

^^ Beer brewing & bottling. Sam's new hobby. Maybe something I'll get him to write about on here? I don't know yet.... ^^

^^ SO loving autumn. It's for sure my favourite season. I felt like we had SUCH a long hot summer this year (unheard of!) that I have really appreciated the chilliness, rain & colours of these last few months. The only downside is catching lots of coughs & colds. Boo to that! ^^

^^ Momma came over with tea & flowers when I ran out of tea bags. What a mom! ^^

^^ Autumn outside my window ^^

^^ painted our dining room chairs bright yellow! love how they turned out! ^^

^^ little reminders ^^

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