Sunday, 5 January 2014

Life lately...

Just a few phone pictures from the last few weeks. We had a really wonderful Christmas, so wonderful that I didn't captured much. We spent Christmas eve with my family, boxing day with Sam's and we had Christmas day on our own & we had such a laugh together. We've done Christmas just the two of us since we were married & every year it gets better. This year our Christmas dinner was AMAZING! It's always good but we usually have a little disaster like burning the red cabbage or over cooking the four bird roast but this year no cooking mistakes! We haven't decided what meat we like best for this day. So far we've done turkey, a four bird roast & this year we tried goose. Sam said goose tasted like duck, I thought it was pretty beefy myself.
Anyway, it was a good day. I think it may change over the years, especially when we start to have kids but for now it's exactly how we like it.
We've seen so much of our friends & family over December, it's felt really good to be surrounded with so much joy and laughter.

^^ Lots of sweet ciders... ^^

^^...and hot toddys! ^^

^^ Frank keeping us company ^^

^^ For a treat a week before Christmas we went to see 'The Bootleg Beatles' at Symphony Hall with some friends. They were amazing! It was just like the real thing. The whole time I was there I was wishing my dad had come too. He would have loved it so we'll definitely be going to see them again at some point ^^

^^ We've spent a good amount of time with this little bean, our nephew. He is soooo much fun  & I'm pretty good at making him laugh! Plus, Sam looks pretty good holding a little bobba! ^^

^^ We were pretty blessed this year! My favourite gift from Sam was a whole lot of 'Project Life' materials. I'll be blogging about that soon so if you haven't heard of it before you will in a few weeks' ^^

^^ I did a craft fayre early on in December. Above & below are a few things on the stall. The owls were a best seller, we had to keep one ourselves! ^^

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