Thursday, 30 January 2014

Currently in January

Packing or at least helping to pack up Sam's suitcase for his two week awareness/mission trip to India with work. This will be the longest we have ever been apart. I totally know this is nothing compared to what so many wives go through with the military, etc but not nice either way. I'm very excited for him though - this will be an amazing thing for him to do, especially to do on his own. We probably haven't done anything massive without each other since we started dating. 
Planning lots of fun things to do while he's not here! I've already got a girlie sleepover with my bestie on Saturday & taken some time off work to possibly go away for a few nights with my momma to the countryside!
Appreciating our life so much! We have been so fortunate past & present in the things we've been able to see and do. I don't take it for granted at all! 
Working out to Jillian Michael's DVDs. A friend & I are doing workouts EVERY DAY. I have never enjoyed exercise but since committing to doing it I can't get enough! I've turned into such a workout junkie. On the weekends we have off, all I want to do is get my heart rate up! I bought myself some weights & got a few more of her DVDs to mix up the workouts more. We feel brilliant! Although a few people who live on the base too have just started the insanity workout! Have you heard of it?? I watched them do it today & it does look insane just like it's name. I might brave it once a week.
Watching season 8 of Grey's Anatomy. Last month I wrote that I was on season 5. Ummm....that's a bit embarrassing! hah. Oh well, I have to watch this season slowly anyway because I promised a friend we would watch season 9 together & she's away for 4 weeks. Oh boy....
Loving my Vineyard Church family. Sam & I have just come back from the Vineyard National Leader's Conference in Nottingham. We had an amazing few days connecting with other Vineyard church's, engaging in some seriously good worship and listening to some seriously good preaching. We've come home very tired from late nights & early mornings but refreshed!
In the middle of lots of projects that I can't seem to complete at the moment because January has been such a busy month. February doesn't look like it's going to slow down either. Maybe now Sam is away I can do a few late nights (we like to go to bed together as much as we can).
Enjoying ice cold water, especially after workouts.
Using the printer we purchased a few weeks ago. I was looking for a decent one to use from home that I can also get quality photos printed from. I have gathered some images ready to print so I'll let you know how they turn out. So far I've only printed text but I also plan to use it for future craft projects!
Researching places to explore while Sam is away. guessed it...Sam! He literally just left. :o( It's ook, big adventure awaits him!

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