Saturday, 11 January 2014

The year in review (2013) Part I

- In January we saw The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey before celebrating Sam's 23rd birthday with an extended 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy viewing marathon party!
- I passed my driving test finally. I really don't like driving that much, even a year later! But I do appreciate being able to hop into the car & go where I like. I just enjoy the getting out the car once I've reached my destination a lot more!
- We had epic snow fall in January that stuck around for a long time.

- We viewed a few houses in February thinking we might be able to buy our own place. We never really found anything we liked & found it rather discouraging. Thankfully it was not God's timing for us.
- I started as a blogging contributor on herecomesthesunblog with nail art tutorials.

- The snow started again in March & we did a little egg rolling with some friends from church.
- We decided this was the time to let go of a view things we were doing, clear our schedules a little because I particularly felt very tired from so many commitments within church and outside of it too. Although this was a really hard decision at the time we're both really glad we took the space.
- We found out we would be moving homes. This was such an exciting time. We loved our first home but this current one is unbelievable for us at this time. We love it here.

- April was a busy & very exciting month. We spent a weekend in Manchester to visit my older sister & on the way home stopped in Liverpool to see my little sister who was living there at the time.
- Season 3 of Game of Thrones started & we began a tradition with some of our friends to have dinner together & watch two weeks worth of episodes every other week. So fun. Looking forward to the new season to begin in a few months, especially after 'the red wedding' episode! Auuuugh.
- Some of our best friends had their hen do & stag do & it was also my sister-in-laws baby shower!
- We went away for the weekend for our friend Michael's 30th birthday. There were about 15 of us (maybe even a few more). We had a really amazing weekend eating REALLY good food, spending time in really good company & canoeing on the river Wye. Good times.

- My nephew was born 10 days late (cheeky boy!)
- Some of our besties got married & I had the honour of making their wedding cake.
- We moved into our new home the last weekend in May as well as hosting our church community event in our garden that very same day!

- We celebrated TWO years of marriage. I am still giddy about my husband. <3
- We travelled on a 17 day cruise around the Mediterranean. Such a blessing to have been able to do that & a much needed holiday. 
- Something that I now see as a very positive experience was getting myself onto an anxiety course my church was doing. This really opened my eyes to what I've been struggling with & little did I know at this point but it was the beginning of my healing process.

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  1. This sounds like such a lovely year :) I want to go on a cruise so much, 17 days is incredible! Saida xx