Friday, 31 January 2014

New blog design & missing someone

So, for a while I've been wanting the change up my blog design. I think for now I'm going to settle with this. What do you think?? I think it needed toning down a little but I didn't want to lose the images I had across the top. I like it much better now but I think the design will be something I'm always changing & tweaking. Anyway, new year & new look!

Sam left for India last night. I discovered in a space of a few hours I don't do well when I know he's not coming home for a while. I stayed up with this thought in the back of my mind that he had just gone out & I was waiting up for him. By 2am I called it a night, couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and fell asleep. Pathetic right!?? Feels so weird though. He has been away for the weekend before & that was fine because it was only two nights but two weeks feels so long to me to be away from him. He nearly joined the RAF the year before we married & I was almost set to be a military wife - glad that didn't work out!! 
Usually in the evening we settle down to watch a film, catch up on a television series or play a board game. Well, I couldn't decide what to watch or do so I ended up getting a baguette of garlic bread out the freezer, baking it & eating the whole thing! I had to laugh at myself this morning. Who does that!?? I may or may not have eaten a bag of chocolate covered raisins too....
I'll have to control my comfort eating while he's away otherwise I'll be unrecognisable on his return!

He's doing a 'selfie' of the day to send to all his work colleagues and a few others so we got the first one this morning while he was on the plane. He already looks like he's having a great time and causing mischief at that! *sigh*

Anyway, this was more supposed to be a post about my new layout! I'll leave you for now & maybe I'll have something to talk about other than missing Sam when I next blog!

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