Friday, 25 April 2014

Sam in Kolkata: Part I

I cannot do this trip justice as I wasn't there but I wanted to share a few pictures and a couple of short stories of some of the amazing projects that are currently happening over there.

Sam went to Kolkata, India at the beginning of January for two weeks. He works for an organisation called BMS who train up and work with people for overseas mission. On this trip a team was sent out to Kolkata to see the sort of work and projects that BMS are involved in. 

Enjoying some street food! 

They visited a few churches while they were there. Sam and a few others got the chance to share their testimonies and preach. Other than visiting churches they got to visit some of the villages. One particular village they went to was one near the Bangladesh border. They met this family who said they'd never seen white people visit their village. This family invited a few of them in but had so little they needed help from the neighbours to make cups of chai for everyone. After stories were shared they discovered the daughter of this family walked two hours a day to go to university and she's hoping to get enough money to finish and start her master's degree. The team were able to pray with them and make sure it was set up so this family could have regular visits, receive bibles and more support.

More short stories coming up in part two tomorrow...

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