Monday, 28 April 2014

A little trip to Bath, UK

Well, I wasn't going to let Sam have all the fun while he was away in India so my momma and I took a little girls trip to Bath. I'd never been before but it very quickly became one of my favourite places in England. This city is well worth a visit. We were only there for 2 nights and although we still saw and did quite a lot there was so much more we missed. Everything I saw and did I knew Sam would love too so I'll definitely be back with him at some point to get to know this cute place better! 

We stayed in 'Laura's Townhouse Apartments' which have a couple of buildings in the city with wonderfully decorated apartments. This was ours below. It was great, although the building is so old & they wanted to keep it that way they have no central heating installed. They did provide heaters but we ended up putting all three in one room when we were hanging out in there in the evenings. Bit chilly but I'd stay there again - just take a blanket! It's self catering but there is plenty of food places to go or do what we did and cook yourself a lamb dinner one of the nights! yum! 

The apartment was in the centre of the city. As we walked out of our front door we could just turn the corner to see Bath Abbey. It was really something. On our last day there we sat inside for a while taking it all in. 
We were also right next to the Roman Baths but didn't fancy paying for an overpriced ticket. I heard a tip that if you go into the Pump Room restaurant next door you can see them from there. Maybe I'll try that one out next time. 

We happened to stumbled across the 'Bath Brew House' on our day of arrival. I only crossed the road because I could see it was the type of place that served real ale and knew Sam would appreciate a photo but as I walked over I noticed the menu and it sounded too delicious to pass by so we popped in for lunch and was not disappointed! This is definitely worth a visit if you get the chance to go to bath and if you're a fan of real ale or have a husband who LOVES it then this is the place to be. The variety on tap is endless. I can't wait to take Sam there. I have a feeling it will be a long lunch!

Another secret little place we passed by a few times was the 'Chapel Arts Cafe'. Again, we only went in because we couldn't decide where else to have lunch and it was getting late afternoon. This is a hidden gem for sure! It's all vegetarian which to a big meat lover like me does not appeal! But I actually didn't even notice until after I had ordered, the menu just sounded so good! After eating this I was so full but they had amazing looking cakes I would have devoured if I'd had the room. This will be a place to come back to again next time! 

To finish off our girls trip we found this 1940s cafe tucked away up an alley called 'Bea's Vintage Tea Room'. It was amazing inside, everything seemed genuinely vintage and obviously had a lot of thought and love go into the collection. We had brunch here and loved it. Even the staff were dressed the part! 

If you're planning a trip to Bath then these places are the ones to be. We said after our trip how lucky we were to find such good places to eat. Nowhere we went was a disappointment or money wasted. 

Other than eating (!!!) we walked around the town shopping. They had a great mix of vintage, charity and high street stores. The great thing about Bath is that you can walk everywhere. We didn't find we needed the car at all. We found a car park & paid to be there for 48 hours. Sorted!

The little hourglass on the tray is a tea timer that lets you know when your loose leaf tea is brewed and ready! Brilliant!

Other things we did or things to do next time:
Thermae Bath Spa, Fashion and Costume Museum, Jane Austen Museum, Sally Lunns, San Francisco Fudge Factory, Real Italian Ice Cream Co, St Michael's Cafe!

Really, just visit and see for yourself the wonders this place has to offer!

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