Saturday, 26 April 2014

Sam in Kolkata: Part II

Another project they visited was the 'Good News Children Education Mission'. Everyday a school bus picks up street kids, piles them into a bus and takes them to 'school'. The kids are washed, they get given a uniform for the day while their other clothes get freshly laundered, they are given a meal and are taught lessons in English and other subjects. The littles get nap-time too! How sweet is the photo below??!
This is an amazing project that gives street kids a chance they would never get. Everything is free for them; they are looked after, cleaned and given a little education. Sadly after each day is over they are taken back to the streets but it's amazing that they get this little bit of love and hope everyday. There are a couple of projects like this and sometimes when a child is old enough and they've received a certain amount of education they are offered a place at a boarding school in the city, again free of charge where they'll receive a good education and possibly be able to go on to university and get good jobs. Thankful that God sends people out to do this kind of work. Sam loved this place and the kids he got to know.

Another amazing project is 'ConneXtions'. This was set up for ladies who needed a way out of working on the streets in the red light district of Kolkata. This place offers these women a job. They are taught how to sew and make things to sell and gives them new hope for their lives. Not only does it take women who have been in that situation but it takes women before they can get themselves in that position so it's really saved so many lives. Sam and the team were able to talk to them and really understand how much good this project brings. It was beautiful to hear about when I was able to talk to Sam and he bought me home one of their blankets which is currently over our bed. Its a really special thing. Everything is hand sewn from old sari material. You can see some examples of how beautiful they are below.

I was so glad that Sam got to experience a part of India. It was a really good trip for him and he bought so much back. It was so wonderful being reunited with him after such a long time.

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