Wednesday, 23 April 2014

She returns

Hello again!
A little blog absence I know. I wasn't planning it but it really did me good to get focused and re-inspired. Since my last post back at the end of January so much has happened. Sam returned from his work trip to India all in one piece thankfully and I will share a little here at some point mostly as a virtual memory box here for us but also so you can have a peek into what he got up to. I've been travelling a bit around England and just returned from a trip to Scotland; my baby sister got married, I've had craft stalls to prep for and in-between everything else its been parties, dinners and all sorts. I'm not complaining though - life couldn't get better at the moment! 

I've been juggling two jobs recently - both of which I've loved - but I guess it left me no time to get crafty or update the blog. I ended up being too shattered after the days work I couldn't get myself in the mood to do anything else. One of those jobs has finished now which is great for me because I now have a ton of time to get on with the things I really want to do! Also Sam got promoted at work which has been a HUGE thing for us.

Life has been crazy busy as per usual but so much has been happening for us it's all been a bit of a whirlwind roller coaster of sorts, some of which I'll share here at a later date. 

Feels really good to type again! :o) Thanks for sticking around!

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