Friday, 9 May 2014

Baby Sister's Wedding (Natalie & Sam)

Isn't she the most beautiful bride??!! When I saw Natalie the morning of her wedding she still looked like 'Little Natalie' to me. She is only a year younger than me, and she will hate me for saying it but she always seemed much younger! Maybe because she is so much shorter than me and sweet! Weddings are pretty weird. It didn't really feel like her wedding day, even when all us bridesmaids were doing each other's hair and makeup and fussing over every little detail. The wedding wasn't until 3pm either so we felt (or it seemed) pretty relaxed. 
Then I started to do her makeup (I'm pretty proud of the job I did on that!) and all the emotions started rushing in. I wanted everything to be so perfect for her. Then she put on her dress and she was suddenly this grown up girl I'd never seen before! She really looked amazing. 

The ceremony was beautiful and the reception soooooo much fun. I loved hanging out with family I hadn't seen for a while and loved seeing Natalie surrounded by all her friends and people who loved them. It's funny when you see your sister interacting with the people she went to university with or new friends she's made since becoming a couple. I felt like everything was going to be alright. I'm always worrying about her. She always tells me to stop playing 'mom' but I can't help it. Maybe a little bit of me let go of that when I knew she was married now and had her own life and family to create. 

It was a joyous day anyway, I survived wearing my bridesmaids dress and my Sam kept making me laugh. I love marriage! 

I didn't take my chunky camera on the day and I only took a couple of phone photos. Maybe Natalie will let me share a few pics when she gets them back because this is the only photo I took of her wedding cake that I made. SOOOO proud of it. It turned out so good. You might not be able to tell from the picture but the purple icing has an ombre effect as you go up each layer. It was fruit, lemon and chocolate! Yum. 

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