Saturday, 17 May 2014

Isle of Islay, Scotland: Rockside Pony Beach Trek

Had to give you another peek of another morning at breakfast. This was Easter Sunday and they got us each Cadbury's creme egg! Nom!
Also, each day the hosts prepared picnic baskets that we weren't expecting at all which included some home baking, a flask of hot water and an array of teas and coffees! It was details like this that made our stay so amazing.

On the day of the Laphroaig distillery tour (my last post) we overheard a couple on our tasting tour say they were going pony trekking on the beach. My ears instantly pricked up because that's something I've always wanted to do! We did a three hour horse trek up mountains on our honeymoon but getting to ride a horse on a beach was something different! I gave the eye to Sam and he knew what I wanted. After the tour Sam was on the phone to our b&b hosts asking them to help us get onto this pony trek last minute. With an hour to spare we got a call to say they could fit us in. It was a 40 minute drive to the stables so we skipped lunch and drove straight there. Thank goodness for the picnic baskets because we sat down at the stables for a quick afternoon tea refuel before being taken to our horses.

The weather the whole time we were in Scotland was absolutely incredible. It hadn't been as warm as this in a really long time but the day of the beach trek God gave us THE best weather. It was warm with a cool breeze and I totally lived my dream of riding a horse along the beach and close to the sea. It was the most beautiful beach too. We had a 2hr session over the beach and the hills. So goooood!

I love spontaneous trips like this. There's so much more magic in them.

In our final few days we drove around exploring the island, enjoying the warm sunshine and taking in the scenery around us. God really did good with this Earth of ours.

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