Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Currently in May

Appreciating this life I've got. Everything feels so good at the moment I'm savouring every feeling.
Saying goodbye to some really special people this month. We live on a mission training base and various friends who have been living in our community are now beginning to leave to go to their various different countries. Its such a privilege to live along side such brave and obedient people. I'm inspired all the time. 
Hoping the next bunch of mission trainees are going to be as much fun as this lot have been.
Learning to love people better. 
Anticipating our holiday to Thailand! Yes, Thailand! We leave in about 4 weeks. I can't wait. We've been reassured that everything will be ok despite what is going on over there at the moment.  
Eating no carbohydrates or sugar! I feel sooooo much better for it too. It's not always easy and I do allow myself the odd treat or night off but it's definitely something I can continue to do. 
Watching Game of Thrones season 4. So intense! Who else is watching??
Planning activities to do in Thailand. Something with elephants I think!
Working in bed currently with a stomach ache. Boohooo. We just bought new pillows & duvet though so I'm as comfortable as can be.
Enjoying the time off Sam has had recently with bank holidays and hours owed back. So nice to have him home with me in the daytime.
Ordering maybe a new bikini....I'll see what Sam has to say about that.
Wanting time to slow down. 
Drinking coffee all the time now we have our nespresso machine. I never thought I'd care much for a coffee machine but now I wouldn't go back. Who needs to go out for quality coffee when you can have it in your own home (in bed, like I am now!)
Looking forward to new adventures and experiences in the coming months. Things are rapidly changing for us (no, not pregnant yet!) but other exciting things on the horizon!
Celebrating NEARLY 3 years of marriage. We'll be in Thailand for cocktails! 

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