Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Baby Sister's Hen Weekend

My little sister got married on April 12th but the weekend before that we had a family girls weekend away. We did something similar for my hen, just momma and my sisters so I think it's going to be our tradition and when big sister gets married we'll do the same. It's such a special time for us all. Even though it's not the last time we'll be together it's still so lovely to get away to our own space and create special memories. Of course, we're going to probably fall out a little bit too (too many personalities in one family!) but ultimately this was a really wonderful weekend together!

Apologies for the photo below. hah. Looks so staged - never take photos against a white background!

Of course, any good weekend (or any weekend for that matter) involves really good food. The first night we ate in our hotel restaurant, thanks for the 25% off voucher we got when booking. It was pretty good, even if mom's salmon was a little funny for Natalie's pasta was too spicy! These are the memories we make. hah. The starters were good though.

We might have had a cooked breakfast both mornings but I won't tell if you don't!

As per tradition we ended up at a National Trust place Tatton Park. The day was VERY wet but that didn't put a damper on any of our plans. It was a really nice place with a gift and tea shop (obligatory). The place was so big I don't think we fully explored the place. Maybe another time when the sun's out and we're a little more motivated to wander.

That evening we went to Bridgewater Hall to hear classical concert "Holst's: The Planets". Natalie has always wanted to hear them so it was a big treat for her. To start with I wasn't too bothered but hearing classical music live is soooooo good. It felt really emotional, especially 'Jupiter'. There may have been a few watery eyes from a few of us. Worth hearing.

JUST A LITTLE BIT EMOTIONAL thinking about her being married!

AND WHAT A TREAT to return to our hotel room afterwards to champagne (actually perry!). The hotel staff had no idea we were on a hen weekend until late into the day and then left this as a little surprise. SO NICE. We opened up a box or two of ferreo rocher, got into our pjs and cuddled up into one big bed to watch a bit of tele. Perfect.

This was earlier at the National Trust house. Maybe don't do this in the future, you might get asked to 'move on please'. Ooops.

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