Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Another weekend in Brighton

Last weekend while it was pouring down with rain in Birmingham (haha) we set off to Brighton to see some dear friends and their baby bump and enjoyed rather A LOT of sunshine! 
We took several trips to my favourite ice cream shop Gelato Gusto. That is the trouble with this shop - you HAVE to take several trips just so you can try all the flavours. You need to check them out if ever you are going to Brighton. I made everyone walk to it after the church service on Sunday, since we were leaving at lunchtime I had to get one more! Who knows when we'll go back - hopefully over the summer though when baby is born! So excited! First close friends to start having babies! Eeee! 

We had a lazy weekend full of food and gentle wandering. Several naps throughout the day! Hah, I love friends you can be like "Guys, I just need a quick nap" with! The boys went out one evening to watch a world cup friendly and us girlies got into pjs to watch a film at home. 

love these three!

We went to check out the Lancing College Chapel which was stunning. Set around the college with acres of land, like something out of Harry Potter. 
We ended that day with, you guessed it, ice cream at the beach! Sam doesn't care for the beach or the sea much but I think it's one of my happy places. Watching the water, sitting in the sea breeze, especially with friends; its what it's all about!

Next time we see these guys they'll have a little one!!

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