Saturday, 21 June 2014

Currently in June

Appreciating a tidy home. It's been all go this week doing laundry and cleaning up ready for our holiday to Thailand. Nothing nicer than coming back from holiday to a peaceful and clean home knowing there is nothing to do except unpack and grab a cuppa!
Excited for the weekend. We are off for our annual camping trip with our church community although we are not actually camping this time! Too soon before the holiday, but we'll be joining them for a day at Ragley Hall & a BBQ afterwards! 
Hoping for sunshine on Saturday!
Learning to not 'want', 'want', 'want' all the time. I'm generally pretty good though.
Anticipating good Thai food. Most of the reason we travel so much is because we are big foodies and we want to try as much as the world has to offer. I can't wait! Breakfast buffets, street food! NOM!
Feeling nervous about the World Cup! Hah. I have been SO into it this year. I'm into it every time but I've been watching most of the matches this time round and learning about what the results of each match might actually mean for each country. Shame Spain didn't even get through the group stages, what a game changer.
Watching the final season of Game of Thrones. I mean OMG!! It's such a great series, there hasn't been one dull episode yet. Now to wait until April for the new series. 
Planned some activities to do in Thailand. We have booked an eating tour around Bangkok (Sam's idea of course!) and a day looking after and riding an elephant. Think we will book more activities when we are there like a cooking class and more!
Working out all the time! I love my workout DVDs and it's doing wonders for me. 
Enjoying my nephew (my brother's baby) so much at the moment! He is getting so animated and doing some really funny stuff lately. I can't get enough. It's amazing how much extra love you can feel when you think you've got no more to give! Can't imagine how much my heart is going to explode when I eventually have my own!
Ordered a new retro bikini (in black) & swimsuit! (similar). Never felt more confident in these!
Wanting time to slow down still. 
Drinking so much water & feeling better for it.
Looking forward to experiencing a different culture.
Celebrating my parents-in-laws 25th wedding anniversary this weekend with the family & a big lunch!

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