Thursday, 19 June 2014


^^ Drinking green tea all the time & a lot of water. Can't say green tea is the most pleasurable drink to have on a daily basis but the effects have been so good for me ^^

^^ Already preparing for Christmas craft stall. Don't want to feel rushed in the weeks coming up like I did last time ^^

^^ New boots. It was so hard to chuck my old ones away but they were completely battered. Thanks for the good times old boots and welcome you lovely new ones! ^^

^^ Good breakfasts for two. Reducing carbs & sugar has been the best thing I've done! Ok, I miss bread SO MUCH but when I do have it for a treat it's the best! ^^

^^ Nespresso machine. Coffee like this is such a treat. Best thing when I'm having a slow morning and I'm catching up with my blogs & news. Feel like I've just nipped to my local coffee shop only it's better - I'm at home! ^^

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