Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Let's just take a minute... introduce this beautiful boy! My nephew!

JOSHUA GABRIEL born on the thirteenth day of may two thousand and thirteen!

I have never been in love with another boy until this little one arrived nine days ago! He is total joy! I am totally smitten and I am so proud to be his auntie! I am so proud of my brother & sister-in-law. They are doing so well & although it was so strange at first to think my brother has become a daddy I knew he was always born to be one. He's always been so great with kids and kids adore him. I can't wait to see little Joshua looking at my brother like he's the most amazing guy in the world when they can start doing more things with each other & have big long conversations! This little one is so lucky and his parents are even more blessed!

I'm a little obsessed. I can't get enough cuddles with him! Oh, and he smells so good! I am totally broody, like crazy broody but I think we're going to wait a little longer, I think I still need a good amount of cuddles & quality time before someone else gets all the attention. Hehe.

Little Joshua Gabriel, YOU ARE SO LOVED!!

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