Tuesday, 28 May 2013

DIY: Handmade sugar scrub

This is a really simple DIY for a handmade sugar scrub that you can make with everyday household ingredients.

500g granulated sugar, olive oil, few drops of fragranced essential oil, dried herb (I used dried thyme but you can use anything you fancy).

- Pour sugar into a big bowl or saucepan.

- Mix in the olive oil. It is up to you how much oil you use. I use enough to soak the sugar but not too much that it's really runny. You still want quite a stiff consistency.

- Add the essential oil (you can use any fragrance you like) and the dried herbs.

- Rub & massage a tsp of the scrub into your hands.

- Rinse with warm water. Use soap or lemon juice to take the oil off.

- Pat dry and enjoy your super soft hands!

I leave mine by the kitchen sink so I can have it at hand whenever I like!

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