Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I thought I'd start taking little snapshots of things in my daily life. Sometimes I am so focused on capturing moments or events that the little things in life get lost.

Started eating more fruit bowls & fresh salads to go along side my three-days-a-week at the gym, definitely feeling the great effects of it all.

Having a lot of fun with these porcelain painter pens. Going crazy decorating things for the new house to brighten & freshen things up a bit.

Lavender flowers & extract. Excited to start experimenting with this new flavour.
His & hers gym trainers. I haven't owned a pair of trainers for years but since we're getting our gym on we thought it was time to invest. His are blue, mine are purple.
Enjoying loose leaf tea. I'm a tea snob.
What I'm reading now. Highly recommend.

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